Create your first survey and send it out to students to begin collecting wellbeing data.

Instructions to create a survey

Step 1: Go to 'Surveys'

  • Once you login, go to 'Surveys' on the menu bar
  • This will then display all currently active, ready to be used and draft surveys

Step 2: Click 'New survey'

  • This will then allow you to choose the title of your survey
  • Then press the '+' button to begin creating

Step 3: Select questions from the library

  • Use the tab navigation on the left of the screen to find relevant questions
  • Click the blue '+' to add questions to your survey
  • One recommended question will always appear to encourage students to leave a comment

Step 4: Adjust survey settings

  • You can re-order the questions by dragging them
  • Also, you can select which type of scaling option you want to use (Slider, Scale or Emoji)
  • The 'Required' toggle allows you to select whether a question is needed to be completed, by default each question is set to required
  • Remove any question by selecting the bin icon on the question in the list
  • Preview any survey by pressing the 'Preview survey' button

Step 5: Assign your survey

  • Click on 'Assign'
  • Then press '+ Assign Survey' which will bring up a modal
  • Choose which cohort(s) you want to send this survey to
  • Select the schedule you want e.g. repeats once every four weeks on a Monday at 9am
  • Then finally press 'Assign Survey' and you are all set to go!

We recommend that you should only send out one survey every month.