Komodo will generate check-ins for you and your staff to quickly identify which students need support and for the specific reasons. They will either be generated by Komodo or directly requested by students, of which both will come through as notifications. You can then leave follow-up notes for each check-in.

How to use check-ins

Step 1: Access the check-ins list

  • When you login, on top of your dashboard will be a 'Check-ins' tab
  • This will show how many check-ins are due (both recommended and urgent)

Step 2: Deal with urgent check-ins

  • This are always the highest priority as the student has requested that a staff member see them
  • You can go speak with the student and then leave follow-up notes

Step 3: Deal with recommended check-ins

  • Generated by Komodo and will provide context as to why the student needs a check-in

Step 4: Review followed up check-ins

  • At the bottom of the check-ins list will be recent check-ins that have been followed up
  • This will provide an audit of which staff dealt with which issues
  • Can also be found on each student profile in the 'Check-ins' tab

When you login, always go to the 'Check-ins' tab first

Difference between recommended and urgent check-ins

Recommended Check-ins - generated by Komodo and based off the data that students submit from their wellbeing surveys e.g. "Student X has reported significantly lower than usual Sleep Amount".

Urgent Check-ins - directly requested by students from their survey or by going into Komodo and pressing the 'Request a Check-in' button.

How to use follow-ups

Step 1: Access the check-ins list

  • Open up the 'Check-ins' tab on your dashboard

Step 2: Press the 'Follow up' button

  • On the student you followed up with in the list press the 'Follow up' button
  • This will then open up a text box below that check-in

Step 3: Leave follow-up notes

  • Write notes of the conversation or actions taken with that student
  • These are then stored securely on Komodo

Only staff can see check-in history and notes, these are not shared with students