For each survey you create and send out you can set specific assignments for your groups. This allows you to control when they go out to students.

Instructions to use survey assignments

Step 1: Access the assignment page on your survey

  • Head to the 'Surveys' page in the menu bar
  • Then click on your survey you wish to assign
  • Click the 'Assign' tab

Step 2: Create an assignment

  • Click 'Assign Survey'
  • This will bring up a modal where you can select the assignment details

Step 3: Setup your assignment

  • Firstly, choose your cohort(s)/team(s) you wish to send this survey to
  • Select the repeat period for the survey, number of weeks or months
  • Choose which day the survey will be sent out e.g. Monday's every 4 weeks
  • Choose the time the survey reminder notification will be sent out to students e.g. 9 am
  • Once complete, press 'Assign Survey'

Step 4: Edit your assignment

  • At any point you can quickly edit or add new assignments to your survey in the 'Assign' tab on that specific survey
  • Make the adjustment on the assignment and then press 'Save'
  • To delete an assignment press the bin icon on the assignment tile and it will stop sending surveys to this group

We recommend sending surveys out once a month at most