The main home screen also doubles up as the main dashboard that displays all of your students at once to easily see key information about them.

What's on the home dashboard

Students: Displays every student within your team

  • Each student will display in a list with their profile picture and name
  • There is a team filter above the students to switch between teams
  • The currently selected team's name will appear above the check-in tiles

Overall Wellbeing: Each student's current wellbeing condition

  • The coloured gauge around each student profile is their current overall wellbeing status
  • This accounts for all current wellbeing data that has been collected
  • Red means urgent attention needed, orange means a early warning of an issue, green means they are good as normal

Check-ins Due: Total number of recommended and urgent check-ins due

  • These tabs indicate whether there are any check-ins due to be completed
  • They are split into recommended (Komodo generated) and urgent (student requested) check-ins
  • Click on the tiles to bring up the list of check-ins

You can sort the home dashboard by student name and Komodo scale which is their overall wellbeing status