On your home dashboard you will see a 'Surveys' tab that will indicate if any students have surveys due right now.

How to check which students have surveys due?

Step 1: Access the 'Surveys' dashboard

  • On your home dashboard click on the 'Surveys' tab in the middle of the screen
  • This will bring up a list of students

Step 2: View those that have not completed surveys

  • The top of the list view will display students with surveys due
  • You will be able to see the student name, number of surveys they have due and latest response
  • Click on the student's row to see exactly which surveys they have to complete

Step 3: View those that have completed all surveys

  • The bottom of the list will show a students that are up-to-date

Step 4: See what surveys are being sent

  • On the right side of the list is all the surveys currently being sent out to your group
  • Each tile represents a different survey
  • You can see the survey name, author and completion progress bar with a tally of students left to complete
  • Expand the tile to see the exact students left to complete that specific survey

Step 5: Remind students that need to complete surveys

  • Above the 'Relevant Surveys' list is a 'Reminder' button
  • Click this button to send another reminder to those students with surveys due
  • This will send push and/or email notifications depending on your organisations settings

Students with surveys due will be indicated on the 'Surveys' tab with a red circle and the number of students outstanding