When a check-in is generated or requested staff/admins can follow up and leave notes about the intervention they had with that student.

Instructions to complete a follow up

Step 1: Access the check-ins list

  • Upon login as staff/admin, on your home dashboard click on the 'Check-ins' tile
  • This will then bring up a list of currently due check-ins

Step 2: Mark a follow up

  • On the student you completed a follow up, click the 'Follow up' button
  • This will then bring up a text box underneath the check-in
  • Leave notes from the intervention you had with the student and then click 'Submit'

Step 3: View previous follow ups

  • At the bottom of the check-ins list will be completed follow ups with notes left
  • Additionally, go to a individual student profile and click on the 'Check-ins' tab
  • This will display a list of check-ins and follow ups completed

Always try to leave notes to provide context as to what happened when you followed up with the student from their check-in