When students complete their wellbeing surveys that data is stored within their profiles so you can dive deeper into everything going on.

Where to find individual student wellbeing data

Step 1: Access student profile

  • When you login as a staff/admin, on your home dashboard click on the student's profile you wish to view
  • This will navigate you to a individual's profile

Step 2: Wellbeing tab

  • The first screen you will see in the profile is 'Wellbeing'
  • This shows each wellbeing metric that has been collected about the student
  • Toggle between the different metrics by clicking on them below the chart

Step 3: Viewing different date ranges

  • On the chart in the top right corner is a date selector
  • Click on this to open up a calendar to pick the range you want to view data from
  • There is a reset button next to the date selector to reset to the most recent dates

Step 4: Wellbeing comments

  • Next to the chart on the right are the wellbeing comments left by students
  • You can comment back on each comment to deal with issues in relation to their data

Overall wellbeing combines all of the current metrics to provide a quick overview of the individual student's current wellbeing