When students complete their surveys they may leave comments or respond to text-based questions which will display in the feed.

Where to find comments

Step 1: Access the Feed

  • Upon login, head to the 'Feed' in the menu bar
  • Alternatively, go to your notification tray at the top of the screen which will highlight recent comments

Step 2: View comments

  • Within the 'Feed' you will see all comments and posts to your cohorts/teams/groups
  • You can sort this list by 'Post Type' and search using the 'Search Bar'

Step 3: Respond to a comment

  • For each comment a student has left, staff can respond underneath
  • Click on 'Leave a comment...' under the student comment
  • This will allow you to post a comment onto that initial comment which will directly alert the student

Step 4: Leave a post

  • Within the 'Feed' screen you can also send group messages
  • Click on 'Leave feedback for a group of users' to begin writing your post
  • A modal will appear where you can choose who to send it to and write out your post before submitting it
  • These posts will be shared across the users you have selected

Step 5: View comments in student profile

  • Within the individual student profiles there is a tab called 'Feed'
  • Click this to view all the posts and comments about that individual student
  • Students are able to see all of the posts and comments in this page as well

Feed comments and posts can be seen by students if it is directed at them