The Komodo team will setup the initial account using our Wonde integration, but you can also add/remove users at any point yourself.

Instructions to add/remove users

Step 1: Go to 'Settings'

  • When you login, navigate to 'Settings' in the menu bar

Step 2: Go to 'People'

  • Then access the 'People' tab 
  • This will then display a list of all users within your organisation and user account limits

Step 3: Add a user

  • Click 'Add people' at the top of that screen
  • Enter the details of the user:
    • Name
    • Email address (school email is recommended)
    • User type (Staff = limited permissions; Admin = all permissions; User = students)
    • Team they need adding to (every user must be added to a team)
  • Then press 'Invite'
  • You can also use 'Team Codes' but this is for students ONLY!

Different user types: Staff = limited permissions; Admin = all permissions; User = students