Setup your groups of students and staff to ensure the right access permissions are set. The Komodo team will initially set this up but you can view/edit this at any point.

Instructions to add teams

Step 1: Go to 'Settings' and then 'Teams'

  • When you login, navigate to 'Settings' in the menu bar
  • Then click on the 'Teams' tab

Step 2: Add a new team

  • Type the name of your team e.g. House 1, Year 9, Bacon House etc.
  • Choose the team type (Boarding, Campus, Course, House, Misc, Registration, User, Year)
  • Then press 'Create'

Step 3: Add users to your new team

  • Click on your newly created team in the list
  • This will bring it up on the right side of the screen
  • Press the blue '+' to add new members
  • Find the users in the list that pops up and again use the blue '+' to add them
  • This will then give staff/admins access to that group of students

Use teams to create groups of students that you want to quickly and easily send surveys or monitor issues of