Yes, you can! You can filter which group(s) you would like to see the data for on the 'Cohort Analysis' and even filter the data that is shown on graphs that have more than one legend.

How to filter data by using the Group Filter

Step 1: Select the group(s) you would like to see the data for on your 'Cohort Analysis'

  • The 'Group Filter' is available on the top right in the 'Analytics' dashboard
  • For admins, you will be able to access all of the groups in the school. To apply the analytics for the School, select all groups in the 'Group Filter'
  • For staff, you will be only able to select between the groups/houses that you are taking care of

Step 2: Filter by other attributes

  • If you want to filter the group you have selected further by Year or Gender, the Group Filter has these options

How to filter data on individual graphs

Step 1: Find a graph with more than one legend

Step 2: Click on the legend you want to filter out

  • On the graph legend, click the colored rectangle or category you want to filter out on the specific graph

The data on your analytics dashboard will automatically update when you select any new filter. You must have at least 1 group selected on your 'Group Filter'.