The 'Wellbeing Analytics' dashboard for admins gives wellbeing insights and trends for the school or selected groups. It includes school-wide visibility that can be used to keep track of wellbeing trends and see how groups are doing compared to other groups.

Wellbeing Timeline

The 'Wellbeing Timeline' will give you the current overall wellbeing scored based on the last 30 days of data. The graph shows the trend of the overall wellbeing over the the last 7 months, including the current month.

Key Categories

The 'Key categories' tile will show the 2 highest scoring categories that are above the 70% score and the 2 lowest scoring categories that are below the 70% score based on the last 30 days of data. It is good idea to keep note of whether there are categories that continue to reappear and to address these areas as soon as possible.

School Wellbeing

The 'School Wellbeing' tile is a great way to compare data between groups and to see which groups are doing well and not so well. You will be able to directly compare the overall wellbeing score between your groups. Our analytics will always note the lowest scoring group in the data set for you.


This tile will analyse the most common reason for a check-in to be generated based on the data of the last 30 days. Similar to the 'School Wellbeing' analytics tile, it is useful to compare what check-in reasons are being generated among different groups, and whether if there is a common reason that is occurring throughout the groups.

Use our Group filter to make the most of Komodo's analytics. See 'Can I filter the data on my dashboards' for more information.