The 'Wellbeing Analytics' dashboard for staff gives wellbeing insight and trends for the group/house they are looking after. It provides useful data to help staff members address any wellbeing issues and to make sure that the students under their care maintain a healthy wellbeing.

Key Categories

'Key categories' will show the 2 highest scoring categories that are above the 70% score and the 2 lowest scoring categories that are below the 70% score based on the last 30 days of data. It is good idea to keep note of whether there are categories that continue to reappear and to address these weak areas as soon as possible. 

Wellbeing Timeline

The 'Wellbeing Timeline' will give you the current overall wellbeing scored based on the last 30 days of data. It shows the trend of the overall wellbeing over the the last 7 months, including the current month.

House Wellbeing

The graph in this analytics tile will categorize the students in your group/house by their overall wellbeing data from the last 30 days. It provides a high level insight to where your students are with their wellbeing and how these wellbeing contribute to the overall wellbeing.

Check-in reasons

    Komodo will analyze the most common reason for check-ins to be generated in the last 30 days for your group. It is a great tool to assess the issues across the students that may be causing the generation of check-ins.


Use our Group filter to make the most of Komodo's analytics. See 'Can I filter the data on my dashboards' for more.